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Bishop coach Jeff Willett with AB MVP Connor Mickel

U of Calgary Coach Matt Berry with 2014 BC FS winner.

AB CS qb Duncan Little is now a freshmen at U of Calgary

All Canada Gridiron started the All Star Football Report sent to universities across Canada & the USA in 1987, nine years before the website began in 1996.

Over the years the ACG All Star Recruiting Report was the driving engine in making universities in the East aware of players in the west and vice versa for universities in the West of players in the east.

As well ACG scout Ron Dias was and still is the most recognized name by NCAA college coaches in the USA. Over the late 80's, through the 90"s and into the 2000's  his scouting reports helped make Canada a top destination for premier division 1 university coaches to recruit players identified by the All Star Recruiting Report.

Ron was the first Canadian who became NCAA certified. Over the past 28 years he established a knowledgeable and informative base of scouting information that is invaluable to numerous CIS universities across Canada.

In that text one of the biggest hidden benefits for players playing in ABC Border Bowls is it allows ACG to track the progress of top Alberta & BC players so when they reach the Rising Star & finally Current Star age they are and have already been identified as prospects to watch and or recruit.

All players playing in ABC Border Bowls ( as well as all players who tryout ) will be identified on special Border Bowl Reports which are sent to university coaches across Canada as well as the USA.

Vernon Sec. LB Carson Labrecque will be a U of C freshmen in Sept. 2016.

University Coaches receive Rosters to watch Bowls on


Victoria HC JC Boice with ABC Current Stars




Tryout for an ABC Border Bowl Team in AB or BC

Univ. are provided with identification scouting reports on all players who play in Border Bowls as well as all players who try out for one of their Provincial Teams.

Young Star, Future Star & Rising Star tryouts are conducted in Alberta from February 16 - 20 in various indoor locations. Check home page from complete list.

YS, FS & RS tryouts for players in BC are hosted in different locations in Abbotsford Feb 4 & Feb 11 in Nanaimo & Feb 12 in Kelowna.

Current Star tryouts are held in August, so that teams are selected prior to a players senior campaign.

Universities receive player football, academic & contact info for recruitment purposes. Junior teams upon request also receive player recruitment info.

Are you interested in playing in an ABC Border Bowl?

If so then by email send us your interest.

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Include a link to your video if you have available online.

Not counting the Class of 2017, Close to 60 former ABC participants have made their way to university campuses.across Canada over the 2014; 2015 & 2016 classes 

The Class of 2016:

RB    Liam Hyland                AB  CS    St FX

OL   Andrew Becker            BC RS     U of Regina

OL    Liam Hinch                 AB  CS     U of Calgary
QB   Josiah Joseph             BC  RS     U of Calgary

LB    Carson Labrecque      BC  RS     U of Calgary

DT    Michael Scott              AB  CS     U of Calgary
RB   Connor Mickel             AB CS      U of Alberta

RB   Epharh Oyama            AB  CS     U of Alberta

OL    Alex Loosemore         AB  RS     U of Alberta

SB    Zach Mann                 AB  RS     U of Alberta

CB    Colton MacNeil           AB RS       U of Alberta
​LB    Talon Bennett              BC RS      U of Alberta
​RB     Zac Callaghan            BC  RS     U of Alberta

K/P   Zach Woodman           AB RS       U of Alberta
WR    Tyler Moxin                 BC  RS      UBC
WR   Simon Odong               BC FS        UBC

ATH  Parker Simson             BC RS       UBC
​DE    Devin Pott                    BC CS       SFU
RB     Adam Turrin                BC RS       SFU
OL   Armin Purewal               BC RS      U of Manitoba
​LB     Duncan Steinhauer       AB RS      Acadia
DT    Noah Lubendo               BC  CS     Mt Allison
DB     Charlie Welsh               BC  CS     Mt Allison
WR    Dayton Moore               BC  CS     McGill
LB      Dion Pellerin                 BC  CS     U of Waterloo
WR    Ethan Whiting                BC  CS      Queens
RB     Isaac Rogers                  BC  CS     U of Sask.
​LB      Taylor  Poitras                BC  CS     U of Sask.

Class of 2015

LB  Morgan Pearse             BC RS      Mt Allison

QB  Ryan Foster                  AB CS      SMU

DE   Hakan Williams            BC RS      McMaster

WR  Zach Desiatyk               AB RS      U of Alberta

OL   Seeon Smith                  AB RS      U of Alberta

QB    Reggie Schoeppe         AB RS      U of Alberta

RB    Ty Smith                        AB  RS     U of Alberta

LB    Nick Cowan                    AB RS      U of Alberta

SB  Seth Waselchuk              AB RS       U of Alberta

OL  Nick Cessford                  BC RS      UBC

OL  Connor Griffths                BC RS       UBC

FB  Connor Bergerson            AB RS      UBC

WR DJ Neustaeter                  AB CS      UBC

DL  Donovan Hompoth            AB CS     U of Calgary

QB  Duncan Little                     AB CS     U of Calgary

LB  Quinn Yakiwchuk               AB RS     U of Calgary

DE  Seth Dickin                        AB CS     U of Calgary

DT  Aiden Smith                       AB RS     U of Calgary

RB  Jamal Lyles                       BC RS      U of Manitoba

LB  Caleb Abraham                  BC CS      U of Manitoba

DB Adam Rask                         AB CS      U of Regina

DB Nick Middleton                    AB RS      U of Sask

Class of 2014

DB  Josh Normandeau             AB RS        U of Alberta

DB  Quade Smith                     AB RS         U of Alberta

OL  Justin Lawrence                AB RS          U of Alberta

DB Ben Cummings                   BC RS         UBC

LB Sheldon Mack                      BC RS         UBC

DB AJ Blackwell                        BC RS         UBC

OL Tanner Borowicz                 AB RS          U of C

OL Christian Krause                  BC RS         U of Man

DB Julian Luis                           BC RS          U of Man