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ACG inc. ABC & ONQ Bowls

Previous Games

Rising Star Bowl 2013 in Kelowna

BC  30   AB  23

Future Star Bowl 2014 in Lacombe

BC  56  AB  1

Rising Star Bowl 2014  in Lacombe

AB  38  BC 2

Current Star Bowl 2014 in Chilliwack

AB  27  BC  24

Young Star Bowl 2015 in Kamloops

BC  54  AB 12

Future Star Bowl 2015 in Kamloops

BC  61  AB  35

Rising Star Bowl 2015 in Kamloops

AB 29   BC  22

Current Star Bowl 2015 in Chilliwack

BC 18  AB  12

Young Star Bowl 2016 in Vernon

BC 46  AB 6

Future Star Bowl 2016 in Vernon

BC 32  AB 30

Rising Select Bowl 2016 in Vernon

BC 28  AB 0

Rising Star Bowl 2016 in Vernon

BC 35  AB 31

​Current Star Bowl 2016 in Chilliwack

AB 8  BC  6

Young Star Bowl 2017 in Lethbridge

Future Star Bowl 2017 in Lethbridge

​Rising Select Bowl 2017 in Lethbridge

Rising Star Bowl 2017 in Lethbridge

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Families Can Order Championship & Participation ABC Border Bowl rings.

Rain or Shine Chel Sanghera is everywhere.

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Led by Chel Sanghera the BC BBG is a dedicated and highly motivated group of youth volunteers.  Behind the enthusiasm & passion of Chel the group is a strong support for the BC players and an extremely welcoming host.to Alberta players & families.

Everything from game day infrastructure, programs to on field set up is conducted and organized by a great group of parent volunteers.

BC Volunteers include

Colleen Briscoe Saunders
​Heather Rempel
​Jennifer Balzer

Paula Sharpe
Brandi Gadon

AB  Volunteers

Jenn Hyland
​Gord Ferguson


The ABC Border Bowls are an exciting opportunity for Alberta & BC players, coaches & leagues to compete and share their different talents, ideals and philosphies on the Gridiron over four different age categories. Young Stars are for players in grades 6 & 7. Future Stars are for players in grades 8 & 9 , Rising Stars are for players in grades 10 & 11 while Current Stars are for players primarily in grade 12, with some also in grade 11.


The Games:

AllCanadaGridiron was founded in 1996 and in 2009 began the ONQ Border Bowl for Future & Rising Star players from Ontario & Quebec. In 2013 we organized the first ABC Border Bowl for Rising Stars , which was won by BC in Kelowna. In Lacombe Alberta the following year BC won the first Future Stars game and Alberta won the second Rising Star Bowl.

In the last weekend of May 2015, BC won the first Young Star Bowl, BC also won the second BC Future Stars Bowl while Alberta won the third annual Rising Stars Bowl with all three games in Kamloops.

​In a very exciting game on Dec 12, 2015 BC defeated Alberta 18 to 12 in the second annual Current Star Bowl. Alberta won the first Current Star Bowl with a 27 to 24 victory.

Future Games:

Saturday May 27, 2017        there will be four ABC Border Bowls for Young Stars, Future Stars, Rising Selects  & the days last game Rising Stars.
@ Univ. of Lethbridge

9am  Young Star Bowl

11:30pm  Future Star Bowl

​2pm   Rising Select Bowl

​5pm  Rising Star Bowl

​The 2017 Current Star Bowl will be Dec. 9 in Chilliwack